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The biggest, baddest new way to secure your sneakers brought to you by ANB.

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Yeezy's from AIO. Made easy just for you.

Choose a shoe release.

Just choose which release you would like to use the bot and gather necessary information like release time and links from here.

Fill in the release settings.

Fill release settings into the bot easily with the ideal user interface provided. More accounts means higher chance of securing a pair.


Start the bot a few minutes before the desired release and let it do its magic. Notifications sent upon checkout and add to cart.

That's it!

Enjoy your new limited release. Hassle-free and dedicated support if you have any issues checking out.

Supreme fanatic? The Supreme Bot has you covered. 

Choose a shoe.

Just choose which release you would like to use the auto-checkout based bot on.

Provide the bot necessary info.

Provide the bot information such as your billing details, credit card info, shoe size, and notification details.

Almost done!

Simply enjoy a cup of coffee while the bot will attempt to auto-checkout your shoe. 

That's it!

Once the bot notifies you that your shoe has been checked out, put a smile on your face! It was that easy.

Need something for Shopify sites?

Never worry about missing those troublesome shopify based releases because your outdated bots and backdoor tricks couldn't work. Just purchase Cookify and let the work be done for you. Cookify is a lightweight application that works for any shopify site. It also includes many add-ons such as stock checkers and and access to private bot chat groups.



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  • I was getting fed up with missing every single shoe release because of outdated bots. Tried ANB once, never going back to other bots again. Most importantly, I made my money back on the first release!

    chris michaels
  • TOO easy. That's all I gotta say. GOT DEM YEEZY!

    Christian Atkinson
  • I finally don't need to be staring at my computer every Saturday morning due to my faulty bot. I just chill on my phone at work and wait for the cart notifications. 

    Toby Whittaker

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We know this can be tough. We stress the fact that no bot provides a guarantee of copping any shoe nor does it have 100% success rate. Many factors come into play while using bots such as proxies, internet speed, and cpu power. We encourage you to get the best of these things to increase your chances. Also use as many accounts as possible.
Yes, you may do this but remember you must provide separate checkout info for each attempt to checkout a pair on the same site. If you have minimal sets of checkout info then you may try to cop multiple pairs of off more than 1 site.
At this point, nothing can be done. ANB holds no responsibility in regards to cancelled orders.

General FAQs

First of all you need to understand that we ask for your billing details such as name, address, phone number, and email. All of this information needs to be linked with the credit card your provide us so the various companies' credit card verification department does not raise any red flags. You need to also understand that since we do not ask for any shipping address directly, that we will automatically use your billing address as your shipping address as well if requested. Knowing this, please provide all information correctly. We urge you to make sure your card details are correct and that your card has a sufficient balance to checkout the shoes. To test that your card works, please try to checkout a cheap pair of socks from any of the sites. Be assured that your information will never be shared or used for any other purpose besides checking out the shoes which you chose for our service on any one of the sites within the bot.
As this is a digital product, no refunds can be applied unless in the permission of the admin, one has been applied after being deemed necessary.
Head over to ANB's youtube page for instructions on the bot by clicking here.

Also find crucial information on ANB's blog page by clicking here. You may also DM @AnotherNikeBot on twitter.
DM @lockdownrsvp with any questions for any product seen on this site.

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